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We are committed to serving your document preparation needs at the AZFLC. We can assist with documents relative to many legal issues; Divorce, Separation, Child Custody issues, Paternity, Estate Planning as well as other matters. The importance of a Will, for instance, whether it be a Living Will or a Last Will and Testament cannot be underrated. A valid will can assist your descendents in applying your wishes accurately. And did you know that if you write in the margins or mark on a will, it becomes invalid? We can help you avoid the pitfalls awaiting the unwary or misinformed. Legal documents are binding and bear the significant weight of the law. Make sure your needs are well served by allowing our Professional Certified Document Preparer to assist you in attending to your legal affairs.

And while it may initally seem less expensive to go to an online website or a friend for help, it is entirely possible to get either the wrong documents, get confused, misled, or all three. We routinely assist those who have tried to attend to their matters in these ways and paid for services they can not use. (In fact, it is unlawful to have anyone other than a Certified Professional Document Preparar or a Lawyer prepare your documents.) We are happy to help you remedy these pitfalls, but why not see us first? Give us a call and schedule a consultation today. A consultation is only $100 and can save you a great deal of time, money, doubt, and potential irritation. If your matter requires legal advise, we will refer you to an Attorney.

So sit down with a real person, face to face, in a brick and mortar office and ask the questions you wish in order to give you the peace of mind and knowledge so you understand what documents you need to submit. We are a Better Business Bureau Member. Call 520-459-4000 today for an appointment.

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